School Procedures (FAQ)

Please select from the list below to view answers to some frequently asked questions about school procedures:

A​​ft​er School Supervision Late Pass


Bicycles, Scooters Notes from Parents
Collection of Notes and Money Outside School Hours Care (OHSC)
Disease Exclusion Period Toys
Drop-off, Pick-up, Parking Transfers
Infectious Diseases Managing Anaphylaxis at Guardian Angels

036.jpgAfter School Supervision

All students proceed to the pick up zones located on Pine Street or Chestnut Street or are met by parents directly.


School Assemblies are held in the undercover area on Mt Carmel campus on Wednesday afternoon at 2:15pm. Each class presents an assembly twice a year (once in Prep). Year 6 student committees plan and lead Assembly.

Bicycles, Scooters

Children must walk their bikes into the school grounds and should lock bicycles with a padlock and chain. Children are permitted to take helmets to classrooms for safekeeping.

Collection of Notes and Money

Generally all excursions/camp monies will be billed to the appropriate monthly account. School fee payments by credit card, cash, cheque or EFTPOS may be made at both school offices. All other forms, money, and/or notes should be handed to the classroom teacher.

Disease Exclusion Period

The table below illustrates the more common infectious diseases together with exclusion details. Please use these for reference and if in doubt, contact the Principal.

  • Chicken Pox Seven (7) days from onset or until last lesion has healed.
  • Diphtheria Re-admit after at least two (2) negative swabs.
  • Viral Hepatitis - Contact School Principal.
  • Measles & Rubella (German Measles) Minimum seven (7) days from appearance of rash or medical certificate of recovery.
  • Mumps Minimum fourteen (14) days after onset of symptoms. Whooping Cough Four (4) weeks unless medical certificate is produced.
  • Ringworm Lesions must be fully covered with appropriate dressing.
  • Impetigo (School Sores) Lesions must be fully covered with appropriate dressing.
  • Head Lice Extremely common in schools & extremely contagious. Please examine your child’s hair regularly & treat if necessary.

064.jpgDrop-off, Pick-up, Parking

In seeking to overcome substantial problems and improve student safety, the following procedures are in place.
The Church car park is for use by parents who need to park and come into the school only. It is not a drop-off or pick-up zone.
Pine Street and Chestnut Street drop-off/pick-up zones are monitored from 3.00pm - 3.20pm by staff and parent-volunteers who supervise the students. Parents are asked to observe their instructions.

Late Pass

Students arriving after 8.30am must collect a late pass from the Office. Regular late arrival at school is to be discouraged, as students miss vital learning and organisational time, disrupt the learning of others and learn poor habits (punctuality).


Brisbane Catholic Education has ruled that prescription/non-prescription medication may only be given to children at school strictly in accordance with the instructions of the pupil’s medical practitioner and at the written request of parents.
A 'Request to Administer Medication’ form, which is available from the offices, must be completed, signed and sent with all medication.
All medication must be accompanied by a letter from the child’s doctor or be in the labelled bottle/jar from the pharmacist. This label should clearly identify the student’s details and the dose.

056.jpgNotes From Parents

Notes from parents are required:
  • Each time a child is absent from school.
  • Each time a child needs to leave early or leave school for a period of time. Parents are asked to come to the office and sign their children out then office staff will call the child's classroom and the child will come to reception. Parent are not permitted to go to the classroom.
  • Whenever a student is unable to attend swimming classes.


Children are discouraged from bringing toys, games, sporting equipment and similar personal belongings to school. Their loss or breakage causes great concern to their owners.


When a student is changing to another school please advise us in writing as soon as you can so we can organise administrative matters.  All outstanding fees must be paid and school books, library books and materials returned before transfer is complete.