Book Week 2018

​​bookweek1.jpgWe certainly found our treasure in the 2018 Book Week, "Find Your Treasure".

What a success! The students of 5 Red kicked off Book Week with a "pirate-y" presen-tation perfectly performed! What talent!

Our visiting author, Tristan Bancks, was a huge hit with the 5s and 6s. Many students have purchased his novel, "Two Wolves" following his presentation.

Brian Doyle, who was a last minute stand-in for Dave Hackett, had riotous fun with the 2s, 3s and 4s. There are definitely some budding cartoonists in that lot.

Dean O'Brien, aka Mr. Yippadee, was outstanding and greatly loved by the Preps and 1s; students and teachers alike.

The Book Character Parade was truly entertaining, led by the fantastic 5Red. A huge "thank you" must be extended to all of the children and parents/carers who obviously put thought and effort into the wonderful costumes. The children were so excited and every year is a testament to how much they love this activity.

The Book Warehouse Book Fair was a great success. Thanks to all who purchased something from the fair. Total sales amounted to $4557.00 of which our commission was $1221.00 (cash and books). This will go to buying new books/resources for the library to which all students will have access.

Thank you to all for your support and assistance with this wonderful week of cele-brating books and reading.

Carolyn Matta—Teacher Librarian