Booklists for 2021

All families have been sent a paper copy of the book list of requirements for each year level (Years 1- 6) in 2021. As previously mentioned, we are continuing to trial the booklist ordering and payment processes at Guardian Angels to best determine the most efficient and cost-effective procedures for families. This year there will again be a few slight changes to this process.

For students beginning Prep in 2021, the book packs will be ordered in their entirety by the school. All students beginning Prep in 2021 will require the full booklist as this will be their first year of schooling. These book packs will be delivered directly to the Prep classrooms where they will be managed by the teachers. Many items on the Prep Booklist are a little different and more specialised than other year levels. Naming of these items will not be necessary as the resources are distributed to students and named as they are required. These book packs will be added to school fees in 2021. If you have a child beginning Prep in 2021, there is nothing more for you to do regarding the ordering or delivering of book packs.

For all other students, you will have received a paper copy of the booklist requirements.  A copy is also available by clicking here.  .

​Online ordering is the preferred option however families are still able to fill out the paper order form and return it to school by Friday 13 November. You may order the complete book pack this way, however I do realise that sometimes you have a supply of items at home, and so are able to delete unnecessary supplies from your order. This is a very easy process when ordering online. When you log onto simply click the BOOKPACK tile on the right hand side, select our school and Year level from the drop down menu and begin your order.

It is important to note that the teaching staff have spent a significant amount of time analysing and selecting required items and each item on the booklist is necessary to begin the new school year. The quantity of items outlined on the booklist order form is also important. There may be times throughout the year when you are requested to purchase additional items (pencils, exercise books, glue etc) as the student’s supply has been exhausted. This doesn’t happen very often, and the teachers are very mindful of keeping costs to a minimum; thus really only including the essential list.

All orders (online and paper) must be placed/received by Friday 13 November (end of Week Six). Orders placed by this date will receive FREE DELIVERY and this will also ensure you receive your book pack on or before Monday 21 December. A courier will deliver your book pack to the address you provide with your order and this address cannot be changed once your order is submitted. It is important to always check your order as soon as you receive it. These details are also provided on your order form, along with the contact details of Edsco in case you have an enquiry.

Edsco will of course accept book pack orders after 13 November however this will incur a delivery fee and date of delivery can not be guaranteed.

In exciting news, our supplier Edsco has again, generously donated a brand-new bike and helmet that WILL be won by one of our students early in 2021. To be entered in this drawer, all you need to do is order your book pack through Edsco. Prep families will automatically be entered into the drawer as those book packs are ordered directly through the school. The winner of the bike is drawn and announced at an assembly early in Term One.