Building Works

Currently, we have two pending building projects that will commence shortly after the restrictions are lifted. Firstly, the refurbishment of the two (currently vacant) classrooms that border the Akonna Street pick up zone. The proposed refurbishment work will transform these spaces into contemporary early years learning environments. Pending approvals and COVID restrictions, these work are scheduled to be completed by the start of 2022. I include a sketch of the proposed works. When considering the design of the new classrooms, we were guided by contemporary research along with the work of David Thornburg. David's book, 'From the campfire to the Holodeck' proposes that learning environments need a range of spaces within the physical environment in order to meet the needs of all learners.

The second proposed building project is the construction of a memorial/reflective space. This memorial will be located directly behind the amphitheatre on the MC Campus. This project is being financed from a number of sources, including the P&F Levy, government grants and a donation from a member of our community. This armistice memorial will become a centre piece for our school in it's commitment to keeping the Anzac spirit alive.

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