Christmas Liturgy

This year our Christmas Liturgy will be held this Tuesday 20th November at 6.30pm, in the Shed at Mt Carmel Campus. The Liturgy will be led by musician Andrew Chinn. Andrew is a religious songwriter and singer from Sydney. Andrew’s songs, such as “These Hands”, “Together as One”. “Rainbow” and “In the Beginning” are used in classrooms and liturgies around Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

All children will be involved in this celebration and are busy learning songs, actions and other parts to make this a wonderful celebration for our community. All stu-dents will need to wear Christmas clothing for the celebration, please no reindeer antlers. Year 2 students need to wear a white shirt with black pants/shorts/skirt.

The concert will begin at 6.30pm under the Shed, so please arrive slightly earlier to be ready for this start. We hope to see you there, to celebrate Christmas and the wonderful year we have had together in our Guardian Angels’ community.​