Life Education

Term Two sees the return of LIFE EDUCATION. You may note I didn't say the Life Education VAN because this year, the presentations will take place in classrooms. Life Education is a wonderful service that provides engaging, relevant and educational sessions for Prep to Year 6 students regarding healthy living choices, safety and wellbeing. Life Education is due to begin here at Guardian Angels' at the end of Week 3 and remain with us for around 8 school days (Week 5). Once the program details and schedules have been finalised, I will provide you with more information around this in the next full newsletter in Week 3. There is nothing for parents to do in this space; it's just great for you to hear about the topics and interesting learning that will engage your child/ren ... and I am certain that many students (especially the little ones) will come home talking about Harold the Giraffe who is a special visitor in the Life Education program. The cost of Life Education is included in Term Two school fees.​