Harmony Day

​On Friday 26th March we will be celebrating Harmony Day as a school community. This is where we celebrate the cultural diversity of our Guardian Angels' School community where EVERYONE BELONGS. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Harmony week runs from 15th – 21st March, however, due to Yr. 6 being on camp during week 8 we have decided to recognise Harmony Day the following week on the 26th March.

Last year, for Harmony Day the students came dressed in multicultural clothing. This was clothing that represented their family’s culture. As the response to this was so positive, we have decided to have the students come to school on the 26th in multicultural clothing, ie clothing that reflects your family’s culture e.g., hat, scarf, dress, jersey etc. Please note the students will require their school hat for play and closed in shoes for the day.

This year as part of our Harmony Day school prayer service in the morning, I would like to invite some parents to come and share information about your culture with our school. You may choose to dress in something cultural too or your child may like to come up the front with you as you talk.

This would only be a short sharing of information (approximately 2mins) as we would like to celebrate our diverse school by recognising as many cultures as possible. If you are interested in being a part of this special day (Friday 26th March at 9 – 10am), can you please email pwynnum@bne.catholic.edu.au using the subject line header Harmony Day – parent and in the email provide some details about your culture and I will be in contact with you in the coming week.

We have parents representing Wales, China and England so far and want to thank them for volunteering.