How Quickly Things Can Change!

How quickly things can change! This certainly was not the end to the term we envisaged...Can I start by thanking you for your support during the three day lockdown, resulting in our school's closure. We appreciate this must have placed additional pressure on your family and now pray that you manage to have a well deserved break. I would also like to thank our dedicated staff. They responded positively to this change and were flexible with the plans we had to make in order to keep everyone safe during this period.

As you are aware, the Greater Brisbane lockdown will be lifted early at 12pm today (Thursday 1 April 2021). A range of restrictions will remain in place across Queensland, but they do not impact people travelling throughout Queensland. As the updated restrictions are published they will be available here. The revised restrictions include that until 12pm Thursday 15 April 2021 all residents in Queensland will be required to carry a face mask when they leave home. They will need to wear a mask in indoor spaces as they do currently (e.g. shopping centres, public transport). Gatherings at homes will be limited in Queensland to 30.

In response to this latest lockdown and the additional measures in place, I am asking parents to remain offsite to commence Term 2. Therefore, parents and carers will not be permitted at school events (e.g. assemblies, carnivals etc..) until further notice. This is not a decision I make lightly, and like you, miss the presence of our families in our school grounds. Please know, I will continue to update you with any changes to the COVID19 restrictions early next term.

In the midst of this pandemic and lockdown, let us not lose sight of the importance of Easter. In particular, the message of Hope. ​ May Easter bring you an opportunity to reflect on your life and family and we pray that through Jesus' resurrection may you be filled with the hope of new possibilities.​

God Bless and stay safe,