Mary MacKillop

Mary-MacKillop.jpgThe 8th August each year is the day we remember and celebrate the feast day of Saint Mary of the Cross MacKillop. Born in 1842 in Fitzroy, Melbourne, after her mother and father migrated to Australia from Scotland, she dedicated her early life to educating poor children in regional Penola, South Australia, and at the age of 25 founded the Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart. She was the first Australian nun to set up an order and the first to go outside the cities and minister to the poor. St Mary died in Sydney on August 8th in 1909. Saint Mary MacKillop was canonised on 17th October 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome. She is Australia's first saint and St Mary is most remembered by her most famous saying “Never see a need without doing something about it”.


Provider God you gave us Mary MacKillop. She spent her life loving you and bringing your love to the poor children in Australia. She still works on through her Sisters of St Joseph and their Associates. We thank you God and pray that you will bless us so that we can follow her example.

We ask this in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.