I have been so very proud of our Year 3 and Year 5 students as NAPLAN draws to a close for another year. Our students have all tried their best and worked beautifully through the four NAPLAN tests over the past two weeks. This is actually the very first Naplan that ALL ​students have sat (Year3 AND Year 5) as our current Year 5s were the cohort for whom Naplan was cancelled back in 2020 when they were in Year 3. They were ALL superstars!

Thank you all so much for supporting your beautiful children through this time. I’d also like to acknowledge the work of our wonderful teachers in both Year 3 and Year 5/6 who have worked alongside our students, preparing them for NAPLAN and supporting them all so gently over the past two weeks. Another shout out to the wonderful Liz Morrissey (PLL) who has worked incredibly hard to prepare our school, our teachers and our students so that Naplan ran seamlessly here at Guardian Angels’.