Rosies and BABI Appeal

rosies.pngThis year’s appeal will run over the last two weeks of Semester One from Monday 12 June - Friday 23 June in schools, and the weekends of 17/18 June & 24/25 June in Parishes.

If you are able to support the charitable outreach of Rosies and BABI to the disadvantaged in our community, please choose an item from the list below and place it in the baskets in the offices on each campus. Your support is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Rosies: Cup a soup (no cans please), Cup of noodles (no packets please), Coffee, Cordial, Sugar, Milo, Biscuits, Muesli bars, Roll on deodorant (no glass please), Safety razors and shaving cream, Serviettes (packs of 100 please), Plastic spoons

babi.jpgBABI: Non-perishables such as: Tinned Meals and Vegies, Recipe Bases, Tinned fruit, Rice and Pasta Sauce, Cup-A- Soup/Noodles, Biscuits, Cereal Bars, Cereal, Crackers/Snacks, Long-life Milk, Coffee, Tea, Milo, Sugar, Salt/Pepper, Sauces, Cleaning products.