Sparking Curiosity Challenge

​BCE's Sparking Curiosity challenges aim to inspire students and teachers with an appreciation for and enjoyment of experimenting, problem-solving, designing, and programming; the central and essential activities associated with the fields of science, technologies, engineering, and mathematics, collectively referred to as STEM. Brisbane Catholic Education values STEM skills and understandings as they apply to everyday citizens as well as current and future professionals in these fields.

Sparking Curiosity challenges have links to the curriculum, including Science, Technologies (Design and Technologies, Digital Technologies), and Mathematics, as well as General Capabilities such as Numeracy, Personal and Social Capability, Critical and Creative Thinking, and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Capability.

Students cannot “pass” or “fail” challenges; rather they are opportunities for students to embrace and learn from failure through deliberate reflection. If criteria are not met, students can ask why, and how they could improve their products or process to meet the criteria. Participation in these challenges is completely optional.​

This term students are invited to communicate a scientific or mathematical idea or process using stop-motion animation and share it with the BCE community (information sheet attached to our latest newsletter). Many students at GA have experience using the Stop Motion Studio app, which would be a perfect way of producing such an animation. Any scientific or mathematical idea or process can be described, such as knowledge of the water cycle, knowledge of life cycles, how to multiply by 10, how to skip count by 2s... the list goes on. Students can make their own props or use items such as LEGO to help create their animation.

Please feel free to contact me if you require any further information about the challenge. Entries are due by Friday 18th September. Best of luck to anyone who enters.