Wishing You a very Happy and Holy Christmas

As we move towards Christmas and in this time of Advent, it would be remiss of me not to pay homage to all stakeholders who have guided our students safely into the holidays.

To our staff, I thank them for their tireless work and going above and beyond throughout the year. Our staff were asked to work in ways that stretched them professionally and personally. They were asked to take on tasks that normally fall outside the boundary of their role. Quite simply, I couldn't be more proud of our staff team.

To our parents, I will never forget the outpouring of your support of fellow families in need during March and April. This pandemic has tested us all. Your generosity of spirit and willingness to lend a hand will never be forgotten. For that I thank you. To those families who will leaving our community at the end of this year, I wish you the very best for the future and thank you for being part of the GA story.

Parents and carers, collectively we have tried to keep your students safe and happy during uncertain times. I feel a sense of pride that while we didn't get everything right, we have tried our best and we kept the wellbeing of your children front and centre in the decisions we made throughout the year.

This challenge has provided us with opportunities to grow and look at our lives differently. In re-evaluating the way we do things we move into 2021 with a renewed sense of hope that we can yet again regain the balance in our lives. I wish you a very happy and Holy Christmas and pray your family comes to know and grow closer to Jesus, who is of course the reason we give thanks for this festive time of year.

God Bless and see you in 2021,