Year 5 & 6 Formation Reflection Day

Last Friday, Year Six, Mr Trimble, Mr Clarke, Fr. Thomas and some Youth Ministers form BCE and I spent the day together reflecting on their year as Leaders. The students reflected on how they have been servant leaders this years. Father Thomas talked with the students about how they have had encounters with God during their primary school life and how this could be taken with them as they leave GA and how they may continue to have encounters with God. Throughout the day, the students particpated in singing songs, fun games and creating a Lego creation that reflects how they have been a servant leader in 2021. We finished the day by celebrating Mass together in the Church.

On Friday 19th November, our Year 5 students are particpating in their leadership formation day. This is the beginning of their leadership journey and they will have time to reflect on how they are going to be leaders in 2022 and make a lasting contribution to GA. Through fun and engaging activities, the students will begin to reflect on the qualities that they will need to be good leaders. Father Thomas will join us for parts of the day, particularly at the end of day when we celebrate Mass in the Church with him.