Book Lists for 2024

Last Friday‚Äč the students in Prep  - Year Five brought home a hard copy of the required booklist for 2024.  

Click here to access the electronic version of the Book Lists

It is our preference that families utilise the ordering options from our loyal supplier, Edsco as this ensures that all students will have all of the required items they need to begin their new school year and engage fully in the wonderful teaching and learning. You have the option to order the full list or customise the list through Edsco. 

For each book pack that is ordered through Edsco, the school does receive a small commission from Edsco which is always responsibly utilised directly for the students each year. This may be to subsidise some extra classroom art supplies, purchase extra equipment for the students to play with at lunchtime etc. This is a very generous gesture from Edsco.

Parents have the option to order online (preferred) or to complete the paper order form provided. Whichever you decide, the cut off for ordering is Friday 10 November. Ordering by this time will ensure your book pack is delivered to your preferred address on or before Monday 18 December and will include delivery. It is really important that you check your order thoroughly upon delivery. Edsco are very reliable however it is always recommended that you check through the order to ensure it is accurate.

Edsco will still accept orders after Friday 10 November, however please be aware that you will incur a delivery fee in this case and delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

All instructions for ordering and information about delivery can be found on the front page of your booklist. 

The classroom teachers have spent much time collaborating and discussing the booklist requirements for each year level. They work hard to ensure responsible decisions are made around these requirements and are always aware of minimising financial output wherever possible. For those parents who decide to source the items on the booklists yourselves, please be aware that the students require EVERY item on the booklist. For example, if the booklist states 8 exercise books, the student will need 8 exercise books. The teachers have been very explicit about each item (and number of items) on the list, so please be sure to replicate it if you decide to source the items elsewhere. 

Of course, our current families who will have a prep student joining us next year, you may recall that you will not receive a booklist for the 2024 prep students. These booklists are compiled by the prep teachers then ordered directly through the school. They are also delivered directly to the school as these resources are shared out amongst the students. This seems to be the most efficient and effective process for prep students. Parents of 2024 Prep students will be billed directly through 2024 Term One school fees for the book packs.

My most genuine thanks to you all for your wonderful support of our school.