God is Present

As we move towards the end of Term 2, I have been reflecting on just how quickly the term seems to have gone by. There is no doubt that schools are very busy places and this term has been no exception. Sometimes, in the busyness of life, it is easy to recognise those things that we really want to do, or those that we are putting off for another time, or maybe those that we need a little help from others to achieve, or simply those that we just couldn’t find time for at all.

However, during my first Semester at Guardian Angels, I haven’t had to look too far to see those times when I have seen below the surface and recognised how God is present in our each of us; in the little things of the everyday. Present in the:

  • Warm welcome of the Guardian Angels community
  • Support of our parents for their children and the activities of the GA school and parish communities
  • Commitment of our staff to our students in the everyday of school
  • Generosity of the many in support of our P&F and school events
  • Shared wisdom provided in my leadership by our School Board.

In just these few things, we can easily see the strengths, the gifts and the talents that God has created in us. We may be good at helping out, at coaching sport, at organising events, at having initiative or at being present to others in a way that is genuine and caring. The list is long – the people are many – and as we ponder these gifts, we can sense who we are underneath all the activities that we do. Importantly, we can sense who we are as a faith community; and that is one that I am very proud to be a part of.

When we look at how communities have worked together and helped each other during the recent extreme weather events and health situation, we can see many examples of the good works of people who have used their unique talents to show leadership to support others. For it is in our concern and care for others that God’s presence among us is revealed. It is at times like these, when we remember the raw power of the earth and we remember the strength of a people gathered for the one purpose of helping others, that the grace and love of God is present in our midst.

Thank you to all our families for their support and patience as we worked together over the past months.

May God bless you and keep you all safe in his care as we move into the final week of term and as we prepare to welcome the holidays from Friday afternoon on 24 June.​