Grandparents Day

Yesterday, we gathered as a community to celebrate Grandparents Day at Guardian Angels’. This is a very special day for our community as we had an opportunity to honour and celebrate the important role that grandparents have in the lives of the students at our school. It also is a time for our students to share in all of the great learning that they do each day and to showcase the school that we are so proud of.

It is easy in the busyness of each day to overlook that it is in the simple moments that we create lasting memories. Often, it is in the times that are unplanned, in the smallest of actions, that we make the memories that become our greatest treasure. Our children learn so much from their grandparents and are very special people in their lives. Grandparents Day acknowledges the hard work, commitment, faith and love that grandparents sow into the lives of their grandchildren.

Thank you to all the grandparents and special people who were able to join us this year. Many of our grandparents had travelled great distances to be with their grandchildren on this day, highlighting the significance of this day for our community.

Thank you to Father Thomas for leading our Grandparents Day Mass, Mrs Cameron for all your efforts to co-ordinate our day, and the Spirit Committee for leading our ministries.

Celebrating this day together is an important time that enables our students to make enduring memories with their grandparents and other special people in their lives.

Check out our Facebook page for some great photos of the day.


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