Launching LIVE the GA Way

Live_the_GA_Way.pngOur first assembly for the term provided the opportunity to launch LIVE the GA Way to our student and parent community. LIVE the GA Way aims to inspire all in our Guardian Angels’ School community to fulfil our school motto ‘To Achieve Life’!

To LIVE the GA Way is to connect our words and actions to the special meaning of each letter. In the coming weeks, our teachers will be delivering a learning and teaching sequence to all our students from Prep to Year 6 to support their understanding of what it ‘looks like’ in action, every day.

There a number of great opportunities for our students to be celebrated for working to LIVE the GA Way. We have reimagined our awards, day to day affirmations and behaviour learning processes to connect to LIVE the GA Way, with the aim to create a simple and positive approach to our way of ‘being’ with self, others and our environment. 

As LIVE the GA Way builds momentum in the coming weeks, I look forward to showcasing this with you.