Life Education

We are so excited to welcome our friends from Life Education back to Guardian Angels from Monday 8 May. They will be here with us until Wednesday 17 May. Throughout this time, each class will enjoy one lesson with the Life Education team.

Life Education has been working with Queensland students for over 30 years; empowering our wonderful children with knowledge and skills that encourage healthy, safe lives.

In the world around us, these life skills are as important as ever. Through the Life Education programs, the students learn about key influences on health and wellbeing, including nutrition, cyber safety, bullying, substance abuse and use, emotional health and relationships. This is done in an informative, age appropriate and entertaining manner .. and the students really love to ‘chat’ with Harold the Healthy Giraffe.

Allow me to provide you with a snapshot of the Life Education program content for each year level in 2023 for your information:

Prep: Harold’s Friendship

This module focuses on the things that children can do to keep themselves healthy, including:

  • the importance of personal hygiene

  • choosing foods for a healthy, balanced diet

  • benefits of physical activity and sleep

  • ways to keep safe at home, school and in the community

Year One: Safety Rules

This module helps students to problem solve through:

  • recognising safe and unsafe environments

  • how to care for others

  • behaviours that maintain friendships

  • places and people who we can go to for help

Year Two: Growing Good Friends

The animated story that students will enjoy in this module will allow the students to:

  • explore what healthy messages mean

  • identify safety signs

  • recognise how physical activity and nutrition contribute to a healthy lifestyle

  • explore how positive relationships benefit our health and wellbeing

Year Three: The Inside Story

Throughout this module the students will explore the functions of various body parts and influences that impact health. This includes:

  • the benefits of healthy food for health and energy

  • the function of the body systems: digestive, respiratory, circulatory and others

  • factors that influence physical health such as nutrition, exercise and medicines

Year Four: Harold’s Diary

This module uses the platform of class diary entries over the course of a week at school to explore concepts including:

  • emotions connected with new situations and change

  • the importance of friendships and support networks

  • the safe use of legal drugs including medication and caffeine

  • strategies to manage peer pressure and bullying

  • benefits of an active lifestyle and healthy diet

Year Five/Six: Decisions

This module is explicitly directed at students of this age group and the content is always age appropriate. The content focuses on the use of both legal and illegal drugs; specifically what they are and how they are classified, the effects of drugs on our body, an analysis of the health messages of drugs in the media, and influences on decision making (eg family, peers, media, culture, the law).It explores the students’ decision making processes as they get older and targets the improvement of decision making skills by looking at:​

  • choices

  • consequences

  • responsibilities

  • facts

  • influences

  • strategies and skills to be safe