School Uniforms

001.jpgThe appropriate school uniform should be worn at all times. It looks neat, wears well and shows school pride. The sports uniform is worn on P.E. days only. Students will be notified of sports days at the beginning of each year.

Uniform items are available from Uniform Management Services, 2/205 Queensport Road North Murarrie QLD 4172, Phone: 3535 9500.

You can now order your entire Guardian Angels school uniform online and choose to either have it shipped to you, or collect it from the Murarrie uniform shop. Visit and click on shop, select the Guardian Angels shop and login with the password gap2015.

UMS Price List 2017.pdfUMS Price List 2017

Uniform Notice 2017.pdfUniform Notice 2017

Uniform Regulations:

Prep students to wear the sports uniform, five days a week. The school hat is compulsory. Shoes are to be white sports shoes with velcro and white ankle socks.

Black leather, clean and polished to be worn to and from school while in day uniform.

Girls: white ankle (must be turn-over type, not “below ankle” socks which disappear into shoes) Boys: white or navy ankle (as above).

School hats are compulsory and are to be worn at all times that the student is outside the classroom.

Day Uniform - Summer:

 Girls: Choice of dress to be worn on or just below the knee OR similar length skirt and shirt to be worn out over hips.

Boys: Regulation long rugger shorts. Unisex shirt, to be worn out.

Day Uniform - Winter:

057.jpgGirls: Navy pullover and/or taslon tracksuit top with day uniform. Preferred Option: navy tights under skirt or dress. Definitely no track pants to be worn under dress or skirt.

Boys: Navy pullover and/or taslon tracksuit top with day uniform.

Girls/Boys: Taslon tracksuit (with or without navy pullover) may be worn with day shirt on extremely cold days Term 2, 3 only.

Sports Uniform

Girls/Boys: Sports polo shirt to be worn out.

Girls: Choice of culottes or unisex shorts with school badge

Boys: Unisex shorts with school badge.

Girls/Boys: Tracksuit and/or pullover to be worn over sports uniform.

Sports Shoes

Joggers: predominantly white with minimal coloured trim (if possible). Definitely no high-top or “fashion” shoes which draw attention to the feet.

Sports Socks
Girls/Boys: White ankle socks.

School Bag
School Bag with badge (optional)chool Bag with badge (optional)