Charism and Traditions

StainedGlassWindow.jpgA Catholic Christian school derives its identity and culture from its Catholic Christian character, known as its charism. The central influence on the charism of the school is the person of Christ. A charism is a deep awareness of a Gospel value or values linked to a special need in the world. Underpinning our Guardian Angels' School's charism lies in our dual traditions of Franciscan and Mercy.

Our school has a rich history in providing an inclusive Catholic education to many thousands of students over the past 108 years. Guardian Angels', Wynnum was founded in 1914 under the leadership of the Sisters of Mercy. This leadership continued until 1990 when the first Lay Principal was appointed. Today, we work to ensure the traditions of compassion and justice, established by the Sisters of Mercy, continue.

In responding to the needs of the community, we at Guardian Angels' School, draw from the model and examples of the Mercy Sisters led by Catherine McAuley and Franciscans led by St Francis of Assisi. Our school's charism is lived through using our gifts for others in service, welcome, compassion and education.

Our staff and students continually strive to make Jesus real and are reminded through our Franciscan and Mercy traditions, to be the best that we can be and to make Jesus' real in the lives of those around us.​

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