Student Support

​​​Support Teacher - Inclusive Education (STIE)

A Support Teacher is employed to support students and teachers in promoting the best possible opportunities for learning. Mrs Stephanie Sims provides support to students and teachers in Prep to Year 2. Mrs Jayne Murphy provides support to students and teachers in Year 3 to 6.. ​ Assistance includes:

  • Assistance with process of gaining support for students with learning and other difficulties.

  • Planning and implementing programs to meet student needs. 

  • In-class student support.

  • Referring students through the Principal to other agencies for specialist assistance.

  • Liaising with parents and System personnel.

  • Children are referred to the Support Teacher by the classroom teacher or the Principal. Parents may also make requests through the classroom teacher.

Guidance Counsellor:

A Guidance Counsellor is based at Guardian Angels' for three days a week.  The role of the Guidance Counsellor is to work collaboratively with the school community to promote and foster the achievement, participation, development, mental health and wellbeing of all students. This is done through direct and indirect processes and through systemic and individual interventions. 

EAL/D - English as an additional language or dialect

A specialist EAL/D teacher assists eligible students.