Our goal for learning at Guardian Angels' is to empower learners of all ages to shape and enrich our changing world by living the Gospel of Jesus. We believe that the person of Jesus gives meaning to life and learning.

We believe in creating a Learner-Centred curriculum where we aim to cater for the unique developmental needs, interests, learning styles and preferences of individual children.

We know that children learn best when they:

  • make connections between their diverse prior experiences and learning in the school setting
  • participate in making decisions
  • make choices and contribute to learning experiences
  • share their opinions and diverse experiences
  • discuss their learning
  • learn in a responsive and supportive social environment
  • learn through multi-sensory experiences
  • participate actively in experiences that engage them emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially.

​Our curriculum program provides opportunities for children to engage in purposeful and real life learning, fostering the capacity within each student for lifelong learning so that they can achieve their potential and play an active role in enriching our world.

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