Our Story

In 2018, staff collaborated to create 'Our Story' tiles that represent the story of our school. These tiles are at the four entry points of our school. 'Our Story' ribbons that run from these entry points and across our campuses provide a visual reminder that our campuses are always connected through 'Our Story'.

Guardian Angel:

Traditionally a​n​gels are known as God's messengers. This angel image reminds us of God's care for each of us, and for us to be​ God's voice in the world today and in our Guardian Angels​' community.​​

School Houses:

This tile tells us the story of the school house colours and their indigenous names. Balcara, the blue dove is seen next to Katara, the green parrot. Both are surrounded by Arlunga, the yellow Sun. This tile honours our connection to the Quandamooka people past, present, and emerging.

Tau Cross:

The Tau Cross is a chosen symbol of the Franciscan Order. When we see this Cross, we are reminded of St Francis and his love for God and all of creation. Here at Guardian Angels', we follow in the footsteps of St Francis, united  in living out the Gospel values. 


The Church is a symbol of community. Guardian Angels' students, staff and family members gather at the Church to praise God and to remember to love one another as Jesus did.

Mercy Cross:

The sisters of Mercy founded our school and supported the community as it grew. At the heart of their tradition, is the cross of mercy. This cross reminds us to be merciful. When you see your face in the mirror may it remind you to reflect Jesus' mercy. 

​The Tree:

We are custodians of the Sand and Sea…Nature…the Birds and the Animals. Wynnum (Winnam) means Breadfruit or Pandanus tree. Like St Francis and our Quandamooka friends, our tree spreads Peace and Love to ALL who have faith.

Heart & People:

There are three key components to this tile:

People:   We are a welcoming and inclusive community and all who enter Guardian Angels' are reflected here. This reflects the students, families, staff, and community members who are a part of our school now, were in the past and will be in the future.

Heart:  As we follow in Jesus' footsteps, we share God's love with all members of the Guardian Angels' community.

Stars:  Our talent, skills, compassion and knowledge shine out for all in our community to follow.


The Jug:

The clay water jug is a traditional symbol of communal sharing, earthy and grounded, and the water is symbolic of 'a life giving and sustaining force'. Our Guardian Angels' community is represented by the jug pouring its water of influence, a visible and dynamic presence, out into the wider community. The droplets represent the unseen or unexpected effects of the Guardian Angels' community on the those both within and outside. The mirror within the jug reflects all of those who look into it, as being part of, and evolving, th​e Guardian Angels' story.

The Gift:

This mosaic invites you to reflect upon the precious gifts that each of us bring to the Guardian Angels' community. It also serves as permanent reminder of the generosity of Jack's Gift.

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