Library & Resource Centre

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 About the Library​
​Guardian Angels' library and resource centre is located on the Mount Carmel campus of Guardian Angels' school. Our library is used for collection management, resource circulation, class lessons and recreational activities. We welcome parents and caregivers to use these facilities. 

GA2018-10-30-1129.jpgOur Mission
The Guardian Angels’ library provides the school community with welcoming learning spaces, nurturing lifelong learning by providing a current collection of resources which support the academic, social and moral values and needs of the learner.

​Guardian Angels' Library Opening Hours

Monday-Friday before school when attended by the Teacher Librarian.
Monday - Friday: 10:50am - 11:15am

Students can use the library before school for book returns, borrowing and/or quiet reading.  At lunch time after the children have finished eating their lunch the library can be used as a recreational space where students may play board games, research information, and/or read.

Our library is a very busy and well-loved place. We are always in need of volunteer helpers to cover books, shelve books and help tidy the library. If you would like to be a part of our library please contact the Teacher Librarian.

The Collection

A wide range of resources are available to everyone in the Guardian Angels' school community. Our substantial collection ranges from picture books for all ages, early reader chapter books, challenging novels for middle to upper primary students, current non-fiction resources, online reference material and audio visual resources.

Borrowing Rules

 Number of Items 

  • Prep: 1 picture book
  • Yr 1: 1 picture book and 1 Non-fiction book
  • Yr 2: 2 books;
  • Yr 3: 3 books;
  • Yr 4: 4 books;
  • Yr 5: 5 books
  • Yr 6: 6 books.

At least one book MUST be a fiction book (Yr 2 & 3) or a novel (Year 3-6). Books can be borrowed for two weeks including over the holidays except Christmas. (No borrowing over the Christmas break).


Care of Books
All books must be kept in a waterproof bag. Library bags are part of the uniform requirements and can be purchased at our uniform shop. The school asks families to contribute to the replacement costs of damaged and\or lost books. Please notify library staff if there are any problems.


Overdue Books
Any student with an overdue book will be unable to borrow until their book is returned, or until parents/caregivers contact library staff.


Collection Content
The Teacher-Librarian at Guardian Angels' does her best to ensure the reading level and content of the book suits the student. Occasionally a student may borrow a book that is not suitable for them. Please notify the Teacher- Librarian if it is felt that there are any books that may cause concern for any reason.