Catholic Identity

Guardian Angels' School is committed to an image of God in, with and through all (Col:3:10). We embody God's incarnational presence in, with and through all Policies and Procedures, Curriculum, organisational structures, pedagogy, behaviour management, communication and relationships. Our approach to our educational ministry, therefore, is towards life, growth, love, union and wholeness.GA2018-10-30-1374.jpg

As a result of this understanding, we embrace the potential of change, new possibilities, variety, spontaneity, growth and adaptability as we create our own unique Catholic learning community. While developing our community uniquely, we do so while firmly grounded in the Catholic tradition evidenced by its own particular anthropology.

The Catholic Anthropology is characterized by the following charisms (Kevin Trestin, 2001):

  • Positivity - hope
  • Community
  • Common good and justice
  • Transforming limits into possibilities
  • Wisdom
  • Sacramentality - God in, with and through all.
  • Spirituality

In developing these charisms in our school context, our community framework focuses on developing Gospel Values over Worldly Values and proactivity over inactivity or reactivity.

Community Framework

As a Catholic Learning Community, we seek to internalise and live the Gospel Vision which has love as its core value. We recognise love as compassion which grows out of justice of the heart - an understanding of love which holds that people are more important than laws, money, things, knowledge, and power.

In practice, love manifests itself in its choice of Gospel Values over worldly values in four areas (based upon the writings of Albert Nolan in Biblical Spirituality and in Jesus before Christianity, 1983 pp. 43-90):

  • Sharing: is the way in which love is lived out in the areas of money, possessions, skills.
  • Service: is the use of all power and authority to serve others.
  • Human Dignity: is the basis of love in the area of social relationships.
  • Human solidarity: first loyalty is to the human family (rather than group selfishness). This is what makes us Christian.

In applying these core beliefs, Guardian Angels' School community chooses (Michael Fullan in What's Worth Fighting For in the Principalship? p.10):

  • Greatness over maintenance
  • Courage over caution; and
  • Autonomy over dependency