School Fees

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The school year is divided into four terms. Within the first two weeks of each term, school fees will be issued, and statements will be emailed to you from “PWYN Finance –".

Full payment of your account is due two weeks later or you can make regular payments via Direct Debit on a:

  • Weekly/Fortnightly basis - commencing 15/2/2024 until 15/11/2024
  • Monthly basis - preferred date of payment is the 15th of the month or earlier (February to November)
  • Per Term - by due date


The Fees and Levies Calculation Spreadsheet can be used to calculate your family's annual school fees, term fees and payment schedules. This spreadsheet can be used in conjunction with the Direct Debit Ready Reckoner (links below) to help parents/caregivers with the calculation of payment amounts and dates to set up a payment plan.

Fees and levies are set annually based on recommendations from the Catholic Education Council and endorsed by the Parish Finance Committee.

The fees and levies collected at Guardian Angels’ Primary School are used for the following purposes, which are essential in providing a high quality of education for your child/children.

  • Provide teaching and administrative staff.
  • Provide essential resources, materials, facilities and equipment.
  • Maintain buildings, grounds and other facilities.

It is every family's responsibility to meet their school fee commitments and failure to do so means the school is entitled to seek reimbursement through debt collection or legal means.

Application for concession of fees may be made by families experiencing financial hardship.

Payment options include:

  1. Direct Debit – (preferred method) - application form available using link above or from the Finance Office or via Parent Portal.
  2. Credit Card Recurring Payments (BPoint) - application form available using link above or from the Finance Office or via Parent Portal.
  3. BPAY – BPAY details are located on your fee statements.
  4. Credit Card Payments - are available from the School Website (link below or under Quick links top right corner) or Parent Portal for manual payments using your Credit Card. (American Express not accepted)
  5. EFTPOS Payments - debit or credit card transactions (available from either office).


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