Parents & Friends

​​A very energetic and involved P&F Association is a major contributing factor to the success of this school. Meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month. ​The P&F raises funds for resources and equipment and plays a valuable role in building community.

​P&F Executive

  • President – Gill Steinmetz
  • Vice President – Nikki Hishon & Sarah Howieson
  • Secretary – Mary O'Gorman​
  • Treasurer – Joe McDavitt
  • Grants Officer – Carly Culleton
  • General Committee – Nathan Gore-Brown, ​Brad Polkinghorne, 
  • Social Committee –  Leanne Dowling & TBC 

The P&F has a dedicated email address. Feel free to contact us at at any stage.

Our school is part of the Federation of P&F Associations. For more information on their services or to subscribe to their newsletter “Parent Chatter” visit ​


The P & F is run entirely by volunteers. Without the assistance of volunteers on nights such as the Disco, Welcome BBQ, Movie Night, Mothers/ Father’s Day stall and Fete we would not be able to run these events.

Money raised by these events go towards projects or additional educational materials requested by teachers or the school for the students of Guardian Angels.

If you can help at any P & F event, please let us know by contacting us at

Even if you can only spare an hour, we are grateful for any time you can provide. Tasks vary and no experience is necessary, just a smile.

Sport Representative Funding Policy

P&F Representative School Sport Financial Assistance Policy

Under the umbrella of the P&F are the following sub-groups:

Fete Committee

This committee is responsible for the organisation and smooth running of the Parish and School Fete, held every 2nd year with the next one in 2022 (no fete for 2021).

When there is no fete, the P & F is be committed to putting on an event that will bring the school, parish and community together, such as a Day on the Green or similar. We welcome all ideas for a smaller event in the off year for the fete. Ideas can be emailed to pwynpandf@bne.​


Tuckshop is run by a​ paid convenor (Annalise Olm) and volunteer parents providing a nutritious menu for children and teachers. 

The Tuckshop operates three days per week – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Volunteer helpers are always appreciated and needed.

Hours for Volunteering are 8.30am till about 11/11.30am. Tasks consist of preparing the sandwiches / rolls / heating food / packing lunch bags with all items for each order. Also taking orders to the GA side or assisting on the MC side. No experience required. Please contact Annalise Olm 0413 593 845 if you can volunteer.

Click here to download the Guardian Angels' P&F Half Yearly Report