Term 1 - A Reflection

We have had a wonderful term.  The students have proudly strived to ‘LIVE the GA Way’, inside and outside the classroom, contributing to a strong sense of community spirit. 

During a recent Principal’s Tour, I was asked what made our school different from other schools.  I was quick to respond with ‘our fantastic community spirit, our beautiful children and families, our amazing staff who work relentlessly to provide quality learning and teaching for every child in their care, and the way that we bring our faith to life’. 

Sharing in the success of the LIVE the GA Way achievements with our students at assembly celebrated the great strength of spirit in our Guardian Angels’ School community.  It shines through in our ability to work in partnership with a genuine care and thoughtfulness for each other. 

I extend thanks to the GA staff for their commitment and professionalism towards their work, that places the students in their care at the heart of all that they do.  The parent teacher meetings over the past week have showcased their dedication, and the learning partnership with our families that is deeply valued. ​​​​